Our Primary motive is to STRESS LOW the technical life of our users by developing and designing software for computer and mobile devices.

Our development team is constantly working to build new software and products. We look for problems that new applications can solve. We study the industry to make software that is best of class. We monitor best-practices and changing computer technology to meet tomorrow's needs today.

Join us as we release an exciting series of new applications that become valuable and trusted tools for thousands of users everywhere.


DataAlign is proud to be known as a market leader in providing cloud based storage solution for businesses and individuals. Delivering an affordable and secure cloud solution for businesses and individuals is our primary motto.

Our innovative platform has been designed while keeping you in mind. To provide optimal user experience we focus on simplicity and this in turn ensures that you will be able to backup and access large data quickly and smoothly. If you are still in search of efficient and innovative way of securing your precious data then contact our team at DataAlign - the smart choice for cloud storage.

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